‘I am not a robot’ – two-stage user authorisation


To maximise the security of Your user records and to minimise the attempts of DDOS-attacks we have introduced a new service – reCAPTCHA, or in simple words ‘I am not a robot’.

When a new account is registered and also during login of existing users the ticking of the checkbox “reCAPTCHA” is an absolute requirement, which confirms that You are a real user of BuyTime.

What is reCAPTCHA?
reCAPTCHA – is a system, developed in Carnegie Mellon University in order to protect websites from internet bots and is also an extension of CAPTCHA project. ReCAPTCHA was purchased by Google in September 2009 and is one of the best security systems for websites from bots and haters.

reCAPTCHA from Google, or ‘I am not a robot’ will look like this for 99.9% of our BuyTime website visitors.

“For many years we were asking our users to prove that they are not robots by asking them to read blobby texts and re-typing them, but now we’ve decided that it’s easier to ask the users directly if they are robots’, - writes Google in its blog.

Regards, BuyTime!

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