5 rules of successful mentor. Where to begin?


Where do you begin your career as a BuyTime mentor, who does not (yet!) have any experience in the information business? To build a successful personal team at BuyTime you absolutely don’t need to invest loads of money or put some un-human efforts into it.

There are 5 rules that determine your success. Some key factors that speed up your start.

5 rules of a successful BuyTime mentor

  1. You have to have personal interest in the chosen niche.
    The job that you do should be as interesting to you as possible. In that case people will come to You because you will literally infect everyone with your enthusiasm.

  2. Choose the correct target audience.
    You must have the ability to access Your targeted audience, to have direct contact with it, and to be able to identify the area (real or virtual – blogs, forums and social network) where Your target audience is.

  3. Share your personal experience.
    You should certainly share with your partners your history of success or what stimulates you. Discuss your already tested tricks at work and the result won’t keep you waiting.

  4. Be a professional in your sphere.
    Study new information, top up your knowledge base by listening to webinars, attend briefings hosted by the president and communicate with your partners. Exchange your experience and extract maximum useful and interesting information for yourself.

  5. Find an experienced mentor.
    Join the team of an experienced mentor and develop alongside him or her.

Remember – success loves the persistent. Consistently work on your self-education and work hard, everyday complete your assigned tasks. We are waiting for You to join our Board of Directors of BuyTime and we will conquer this world together!

Sincerely, BuyTime team!

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