BuyTime’s first conference took place in Almaty, Kazakhstan!


BuyTime’s first conference took place in Almaty, Kazakhstan, during which 400 partners discovered the secret of the unique and financially independent product we provide.

The conference took place on 14th, 15th and 16th May in Almaty, at the conference hall at the Rixos Hotel, and was hosted by Dmitrijs Lutovs – CEO of BuyTime and an expert in the media and finance sphere.

The first day was dedicated to discussions about ‘time’ and its value, and of course, the introduction to the holding itself. Dmitrijs Lutovs held an updated presentation on BuyTime, in which he talked about innovation and new systems of work of the technical support service. The unfolding moment of the evening was the presentation of the new video trailer from BuyTime and of course it's photozone - where the participants could meet Dmitrijs in person and even take pictures.
Second day pleasantly surprised everyone who attended the conference when Dmitrijs delivered a serious presentation on the media education, structure and work principles of the media industry. The live conversations with the president during the conference allowed partners to understand the history and purpose of the holding, its sources of profit and such turnover, and why the MLM structure became a marketing tool for BuyTime and how it helps make money.
The CEO and his team held an award ceremony for the participants who are building their career at BuyTime. They have already received their first bonuses and privileges.

Things concluded on the final day in Almaty. Partners with the status no lower than ‘Financial consultant’ attended the closed conference and discussed important strategic matters directly with Dmitrijs Lutovs. The office opening, market leadership tactics, personal recommendations from CEO and marketing programme for official representatives of the holding in Kazakhstan are already in the process of realisation by the top leaders from BuyTime in Kazakhstan.

Question for Dmitrijs:
  • Dmitrijs, what was your impression of Kazakhstan?
    Dmitrij's answer:
  • I respect determined and strong individuals, our team needs only such people. I understand now that Kazakhstan is ready to win the trillion dollar media industry together with BuyTime and follow the same time pace. In conjunction with this, within the framework for the World Expo 2017, my team & I will very soon hold another conference for 900 people in Astana, and we will teach you how to value the time together with BuyTime!

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