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BuyTime Technical Support Service— it's a professional service structure, which resolves issues encountered by users.

Our service support team has introduced an improvement and upgraded the format of work with clients to ensure a more convenient and efficient workflow.
New Ticket system from BuyTime — it's a system that helps process email enquiries. The system automatically allocates a ticket number to received email, which is referenced in all future correspondence in response to that matter.
Advantages of this system:

  • This system helps manage the queue in an efficient manner, direct enquiries to the relevant internal department and right staff and helps monitor the progress.
  • All processes are transparent to the client who receives only responses with the outcome.
  • Client always knows that his/her enquiry has been accepted and is being dealt with and can reference the ticket number should they experience any issues or have a question.
What else is new in BuyTime's technical support service?

  • Client enters into a personalised agreement when purchasing the Media Portfolio.
  • An invoice for the correct amount is generated automatically and is addressed to the name of the client during the payment process for the Media Portfolio via direct bank transfer. It is also possible to send a payment order from the bank to the finance department, in order to speed up the process of enrollment of the Media Portfolio.
  • Integration of a live chat feature on our website for maximised efficiency.
  • Enhanced response system.
  • Upgraded scheme of work with the client.

All these processes are already in action and you will soon be able to experience the delight to work with BuyTime!
Value your time with BuyTime!

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