Personalised agreement for the purchase of a media-portfolio from BuyTime.


Very soon BuyTime holding will release a new template of the agreement for the purchase of the media-portfolio. BuyTime team’s main goal was to apply the personalisation of the agreement and enhance the points for maximisation of the protection of partners of the holding.

Personalised agreement from BuyTime. What is it?
Personalised agreement for a media-portfolio from BuyTime – this is a document that certifies the purchase of a piece of airtime by a BuyTime partner from the BuyTime holding.

  • A piece of advertising airtime that is purchased by BuyTime partner – this is the time purchased by the holding that is owned by BuyTime.
  • The sum for which a partner purchases the airtime corresponds with the nominal value of the media-portfolio.
  • The validity period of the agreement is 364 days.
  • The percentage of payments from the value of the media-portfolio upon expiry of the agreement is individual for each media-portfolio.
  • Media-portfolio belongs to the buyer whose name is specified in the purchase agreement.
  • A purchased media-portfolio can’t be donated, re-registered, or transferred into the ownership of relatives, family members or third parties.
  • When purchasing a media-portfolio the buyer automatically agrees to all terms and conditions of the ‘Personalised purchase agreement for a media-portfolio from BuyTime’.

Sincerely, BuyTime team!

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