The wallet number will become fixed as of 29.06.2017


One of the most popular requests for ‘Support’ is – ‘I accidentally entered the wrong wallet number and therefore didn’t receive the payment. I actually did receive it but not in the right place’
This is mainly connected to the fact that our partners quite often confuse their wallet numbers. Quite often an error consists of the client registering someone else’s wallet – and the process of payments becomes chaotic.

In order to avoid the above mentioned situations and ensure the safety of our clients, BuyTime is introducing new function into the service of the Personal Cabinet, which is called ‘Fixed wallet number’.

As a result
  • Details provided by the client will not be taken into account and fixed
  • Details will be recorded automatically by the system in accordance with the rules of the Holding.
  • The number of the wallet which was used to purchase the media-portfolio will be fixed.
If you purchased your media-portfolio through Bitcoin – please indicate the address of your Bitcoin-wallet once.

Replacement of data
In case you need to change your details on payment system – please refer to our BuyTime support team.

Sincerely, BuyTime team!

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BuyTime does not accept cash! Safety of your money is our first priority!

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