Our Media-Partners

Agencies we cooperate with specialize in providing full-service strategic planning in procurement, negotiation, placement in media and communication space. Among them there are the world leaders in the media sphere. Due to strong connections and business relations, we are able to cover the widest ranges and spheres. You can see it for yourself.

At the moment, our main partners are:

Publicis Groupe — the largest French media group, established in 1926. It specializes not only in traditional, but also in innovative methods in the field of advertising. Today it is the world's fourth largest communications and advertising holding, occupying the first leadership positions in Europe. They have their own media. The plan of the head of the organization (Maurice Levy) is to make the group the leading player in the industry.

SMG performance marketing — professional client-oriented, full-service media agency. It has earned respect due to its effectiveness and responsiveness. They specialize in all modern media tools and use their own and experimental methods for promoting content in the information sphere. 
Starcom  — popular worldwide communication media agency specializing in high-quality relevant advertising. Among their clients there are successful banks, computer equipment and smartphone manufacturers, food industry moguls and large international networks of supermarkets.
Starlink — popular British communications agency with extensive experience in the Russian-speaking markets. They have experience in the development of effective communication strategies and quality feedback. 
Mediavest — the largest agency, founded in 1929, with the main focus on buying the world's advertising space, media planning and media consulting. It has been operating in the CIS territory since 1990. It successfully cooperates with such major clients as Avon, British American Tobacco, Coca-Cola, GlaxoSmithKline, Google, Heineken, Mars, Tiffany, Western Union, Wrigley, “VimpelCom” (“Beeline”) et al., has thousands of successful cases. Mediavest has won many awards for achievements in the advertising / media sphere. (2004: Media Agency of the Year award by Adweek Magazine, 2005: Gold Medal Award from the IRTS Foundation Inc, 2007 and 2008: Media Agency of the Year by Media Magazine, 2009: USA Agency of the Year 2009: Best Buying and Planning and others). 
Spark Digital — a famous creative agency operating in the Russian-speaking markets. It is known for its original and sometimes unexpected solutions in digital-planning and development of unusual promotion schemes. Puma, The World Federation of Tennis, the Melbourne city administration and others have been major customers for many years.  
Spark Business — New Zealand's largest media holding. Has uncontested monopoly of its market segment. The holding has its own business platform, payment system, and more.
Dieste provoke action — a popular experimental provocative company with a proprietary set of methods, processes and tools, constantly expanding the boundaries of information business. Their amazing, unique and sometimes provocative methods have a wide resonance. Their clients number major representatives of food industry (Goya Food, Miller, Hershey's, etc.), leading computer companies (AT&T), and others.  
JWT (J. WALTER THOMPSON WORLDWIDE) — the world's most popular marketing communicative brand with branches in almost all countries and headquarters in New York. It has existed for over 150 years. The holding employs more than 10 000 experts in marketing and advertising. The agency is consistently ranked among the best in the world and maintains a dominant presence in the industry by staying on the cutting edge. 
SapientNitro — the largest holding operating in many countries of the world, specializing in creating and implementing a variety of complex business solutions in marketing and information technologies. Their clients number major financial magnates, telecommunications firms, energy companies, airlines, retail centres, health officials, the media and others.  
OMD Media Direction — a full-service media agency. It is a part of the worldwide MEDIA DIRECTION GROUP holding of BBDO Group. It has extensive strong relationships with global companies and brands, a wealth of experience and own developments. It specializes in developing integrated communication strategies, assessment, consumer surveys, strategic and tactical media planning. 

We have already established a strong relationship with each current partner, and their number is growing every day! With so many resources, the possibilities are virtually limitless, and in our hands it is a good tool for fair earnings online for everyone and achievement of important goals! Nevertheless, we continue to look for new opportunities and new partnerships with many international agencies, companies and holdings. 

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