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BuyTime. Our time is Your money.

«The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, 

   regardless of their chosen field of endeavor" 

Vince Lombardi  

BuyTime is a holding established in Great Britain, the country of centuries-old financial traditions which is immune to crises. As an expert in the media sphere we closely follow the world media market, analyze information and buy airtime in the media worldwide at the best prices. BuyTime holding transparently operates in 140 countries around the world.

The great American scientist Benjamin Franklin is an author of wise words “Time is money”. Today media is one of the most attractive spheres of business, which fairly promotes crude oil and food.

When you collaborate with BuyTime holding, you get the income from the world information market with minimal spendings and risks! 

Advertising is a driver for progress

«Nothing except the mint can make money without advertising»

Thomas Babington Macaulay 

BuyTime holding is winning the main international advertising, marketing and promotion tenders! And this area is the most promising and brings dividends, regardless of the exchange rate and the global economic situation. 

We purchase airtime from a variety of channels, we buy news space, ratings and publications for advertising and promoting customer services, and the resulting profit is divided between BuyTime members and its clients, and you can be among them. 
We cooperate with the leading media agencies in the world. With the ability to set our own prices for services rendered, you need not fear any crisis, because demand for promotion in the media space is growing every year. 
Our partners are professionals tested by time. We have already implemented joint media projects, successful transactions and arrangements with them. BuyTime holding has extensive experience and reliable partners in the desired field of activity! 

Objectives of Our Holding

The main goal of BuyTime holding is to provide a source of income for private clients, to produce more and more profits for the clients of the holding through constant and rising interest rates in the monopolization of the advertising market, promotion of products and customer interests. Due to extensive resources available (most of the world media, the top online spaces, TV, periodicals and online publications, G20 foundation), we provide a variety of services from sales growth to political PR! Our clients include the major political, tourist, financial and other global projects.

The main goal of BuyTime holding is to move beyond the achievements and to monopolize the most affordable segment of the global advertising market, winning tenders annually and buying information and media platforms with contributions from companies and clients, using all available means. Our experts are looking for any opportunity, opening up new horizons for achieving these goals. We allow anyone to get not only a steady income, giving confidence in the future, but also to build a strong business and friendly relations, ensuring personal and professional development. By virtue of the media, money and human resources obtained, we will be able in the long term to win and firmly secure a significant segment of the global advertising industry, opening up new horizons for each of the participants and clients! In cooperation with the BuyTime holding you can go from being a client to a member of the Board of directors. By investing in BuyTime, you can count on a steady income in the short and long terms! 

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BuyTime does not accept cash! Safety of your money is our first priority!

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