BuyTime Children's Development Program 

If you think financial education is expensive, try ignorance

Robert Kiyosaki

Any loving parent wants to see their child financially secure, happy and successful. To ensure comprehensive development, children are usually sent to sports clubs, music schools and other organizations. But is such development really comprehensive? Does all this provide the ability to manage their lives and financial literacy? 


It is important for the child to be able to build friend and business relations, to deal with complex issues of the financial sector. After all, money is an essential element of life which we deal with every day. But even adults often do not know how to manage it.


BuyTime Children's Program includes a unique set of techniques. Interesting games, quests, master classes, united by the financial sector will help to educate a child financially and make it easy for him to gain valuable experience. 

In our holding the child can develop and obtain valuable knowledge to intelligently manage resources, to deal with calculations and expenditures, to achieve personal growth. In addition, the training includes courses and workshops on the art of rhetoric, communication skills, developing leadership skills and other important and valuable lessons.  

Training is performed from an early age! BuyTime Children's Program format includes schools, courses and training. But, as in everything, we are not going to stop and plan to open a special recreational and educational summer camp in Europe! 

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