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“No wealth can come from desire. It comes from the definite action plan based on the equally definite aims”

Napoleon Hill


The main task for the first period is to bring a short-term profit to the clients. This goal includes arranging tenders and purchasing airtime on TV channels, information space, media resources, with the money of clients and the holding, for a total amount of $75 000 000 US. This amount will provide enough funds not only for the holding and its clients, but also for further development. A part of this income will be invested to open new offices in Europe, China, India and the CIS. The main offices will be formed in places where the clients will require maximum support. It is also planned to form a durable relationship, expand the list of partners and sites to significantly increase our capabilities and interests. The estimated amount of earnings from the invested resources is $1 300 000 000 US. The net income of the BuyTime holding constitutes a half of the estimated amount. These funds will be divided among the holding and clients, as part of the sum will be aimed for further development. And the other part will be divided among the media-partners.  


During this period it is planned to increase the amount of media-buying. Compared to the previous amount, the increase is expected to be significant: from $75 000 000 US to $350 000 000 US. Such a large financial flow in this promising industry is the guarantee that the company will pay off. Expected net profit (advertising revenue) is estimated at $6 300 000 000 US. The received income (apart from paying dividends for clients) will also allow extensive work on expanding and creating high-quality media influence worldwide. It is expected that new institutions and offices will be opened, and also – work will start on a marketing campaign for in-house channels that will increase both the number of clients, and, respectively, further profit for each member of BuyTime holding. Each participant will be able to travel and earn with the holding. A single structure of the Board of directors which will consist of a group of holding-member millionaires will be created during this period. This point will be realized for the purpose of increasing efficiency and coordinating further actions. The holding's net profit will constitute $3 150 000 000 US. 


The objective requirement and the main goal of this period is to acquire 1.5% of the world advertising market. This is an incredibly important point, and it will be achieved through the coordination of all employees and clients of BuyTime holding. This will be the first significant step in the development, therefore it will require a significant amount of financial injections in the sphere of media: $500 000 000 US. The estimated amount of profit is expected to be about $9 000 000 000 US. At this stage, the discount program on advertising for managers and top managers of the holding will be implemented. Making deposits, we will have the opportunity to work with media giants and the world's strongest corporations in various areas: from supermarkets to airlines. The formation of partnerships will allow discounts in these areas for further development. Full control of the advertising market begins exactly at this stage. The net profit of BuyTime holding will consist of $4 500 000 000 US. 


The major breakthrough is planned for this period.  General optimization of cash flows will be undertaken, increase in purchases (up to $1 500 000 000 US) and a large amount of loyal customers will be achieved. Clients still will be attracted at this stage to promote the further monopolization of the market segment. The expected income will constitute $27 000 000 000 US that corresponds to about 3% of the global advertising market, taking into account inflation and growth of the market. Net profit of the holding is expected to be $13 500 000 000 US during the following years.


After 2025, attracting new clients will be ceased and BuyTime holding will be closed to third persons. All future profits and the funds will be divided among all participants and clients. The new goals and tasks will be formed during this period. 

The above figures are real and have been calculated in agreement with the media-partners and corporations. However, due to many factors, the amount of income can exceed expectations! The holding's net income is distributed among the clients and participants. Each point is discussed in detail and approved until 2025, with the prospect of not 5% or even 10% of the advertising market, but 15% (that is our specific aim). However, our most important task is to achieve 20%! And it is possible! This is a sufficient amount for implementation of all ideas and ambitions of each representative of BuyTime holding. And our experts and partners help us to afford this ambition. It is possible to state that the advertising market still develops, moves, and there is a real opportunity to firmly occupy a certain niche, making income even larger than natural resources. And now there is an opportunity to join, making the investment online.

Like any major representative of a global business, we won't be satisfied with what has already been achieved!! We are planning to attract new experts, partners and of course clients. After reaching the main goals, the holding will be actively working with investment banking and the best representatives of the banking sector. Everyone who builds a career in BuyTime holding will be able to take their own segment to obtain additional and steady income. We are creating a strong network of representatives of our holding to be able to instantly communicate with any partner anywhere in the world! The process will be constantly optimized for goal achievement by the most effective remedies with minimal costs. At this stage, we will cooperate with one of the best specialists in the relevant field, and thanks to them we will begin our confident first steps. What's next — it is all in our hands! 

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